The logistics sector of India is one of the major contributors to the country’s GDP and in order to achieve India’s GDP growth aspiration, tremendous improvement in the logistics industry is quintessential. For the logistics sector to perform optimally it is estimated that India would require about a million new truck drivers every year for the coming decade. Although being ever in demand the profession of truck drivers in India is mired with endless problems. Although wages and skill has always been a concern in case of Indian truck drivers but the major problem is deeply rooted in their lifestyle. Long periods of absence from home, stigma and prejudice related to the trade, and social disrespect are the major concerns of the profession.

Despite being the vital component in the Indian freight transportation industry, truck drivers never receive their fair share of economic growth. The biggest concerns in the profession is the lack of an institutionalized system for the teaching, verification and managing the drivers. Due to lack of organization the drivers are underpaid and there is a complete lack of transparency or predictability of cash disbursement. Majority of the Indian truck drivers are severely underpaid and are even deprived of basic social security benefits. This hampers the financial stability of drivers and more than often leads them to desert the profession altogether. Financial woes are only the beginning of the problems that truck drivers in India have to face. Social disrespect and job-related stigmas are always a mental toll; lack of proper infrastructure and facilities on road lead to a very unhealthy and unhygienic lifestyle with the additional risk of life. Due to so many issues tainting their professional life a sizeable amount of Indian truck drivers are dissatisfied with their jobs.

Only recently with the advent of E commerce in the field of logistics, local startups have started gaining substantial foothold in the logistics market; and these new age entrepreneurs have started to devise policies and systems for the truck drivers. With the aim of emancipating the truck drivers from their financial ordeal, profitable schemes and lucrative policies have been introduced & better facility and infrastructure is also being provided. These new age leaders and pioneers of the logistics market have started taking the first steps towards the emancipation of Indian truck drivers from their professional ordeal and ensuring a safe and happy socio professional life for them.

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